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 Registered at Fuzhou in 2003, CATIC Fujian Co., Ltd is a specialized trading company with a registered capital of RMB60,000,000.

The business scope of CATIC Fujian Co., Ltd includes:
---Import and export of commodities and technology (except for those exported commodities jointly operated by the state or imported commodities subject to authorizations);
---Domestic trading 
The main items we handled include: 
---Automobiles and Motorcycles accessories and spare parts;
---Electrical appliance and instruments; 
---Electronic components;
---Chemical products;
---Medical appliances;
---Laboratory equipments and instruments.
 As one of the leading suppliers which are engaged in exporting motorcycle spare parts and accessories,with 15 years experience, we have many customers from USA, Europe countries, South-American countries,North-America countries,Middle-east area,Africa ,South Asia etc.With competitive prices, full-line model and super service, Our products are more and more popular in above market.
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